HoverChat Free

HoverChat – complete replacement of stock SMS app with added features and no interruptions. Do what you are doing, HoverChat aka Ninja Chat is here to multitask!
Listed in time magazine for “50 best android apps of 2013” for newbie and fanatics, HoverChat is a true multitasking tool to attend and reply to messages when you are not in favor of pausing your current task or leaving the screen.


– Floating windows with ability to drag and drop anywhere on the screen
– Minimize the windows with collapse mode, access them later
– Message encryption through Anti-NSA, to increase privacy from government and your mobile carrier as well as other apps on your mobile
– Full support to Emojis
– Completely customizable interface with setting for each contact and tweaks possible in animations, notifications and pop-ups
– Minimize, maximize and animation of windows for instant full view, custom access
– Make your windows transparent while texting
– Easily switchable windows and one touch for restricting SMS window pop-ups from appearing on screen
– Efficient battery use
– Soothing design and easy to learn interface

HoverChat support every phone running on android 2.2+.